Write reviews and relay stories about your tour with Mustapha:

From Vera on 2-April, 2018:

Our trip to Marrakech was fantastic!! Right on the first day we had Mustapha waiting for us at the lobby of the Hotel for a walking tour around the Medina. We were a little afraid abaut the culture and because we were with our two daughters along, but right from the beggining Mustapha made it very clear how friendly, funny and happy the people from Marrakech are and how beautiful their culture and religion are as well. It was fundamental for our stay having this first impression with Mustapha. Thank you so much my dear friend!!


From Katie P. on 20-Oct, 2017:

We had the absolute best time with Mustapha!  We had never hired a private guide before, but he was very highly recommended by some friends of ours who had recently been to Marrakech.  We decided to take a chance, and are so glad we did! He is worth every penny and then some!

We spent 2 days with him, one primarily in the medina, and one at other sites and palaces throughout the old city. There is no way we would have seen or experienced as much as we did without him. He seems to know everyone, and because of that, we could pop our heads into places we never would have felt comfortable doing otherwise (public kitchens, artisans working in their shops, even seeing the furnaces that powered the hammams of the city).  He helped us find “cheap and cheerful – like the locals eat” restaurants for an authentic experience in the city, and was so funny and personable the entire day.  We did some shopping in the souk, and Mustapha was amazing helping us find shops that are legitimate and high quality, and even helping us haggle if the seller’s english was not very good.

I really cannot say enough good things about him and the experience we had.  If you are looking for a guide in Marrakech you absolutely MUST book with Mustapha!


From Beatrice Ehra on 22-Sept, 2017:

We were guided through the medina during about 3 hours. We very much appreciated the experience. Mustapha is a very friendly, competent and respected person with great knowledge of Marocco’s culture and history. He showed us the best and most hidden spots which would not have been easy to discover on our own. Furthermore, he is fluent in different languages. We can warmly recommend him for an exiting and save tour through the medina of Marrakech.


From Sarah on 10-July, 2017:

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED our experience with Mustapha in Marrakech!
Seriously, this is the best money you will spend on your trip.  I typically do not use guides when I travel out of some bad experiences, but Mustapha was such a pleasure.  Even before our trip, I felt so taken care of because he responds to emails instantaneously and ensures you that he will give you the experience you are looking for.

We only had 1 full day in Marrakech, so there was pressure to get everything in.  I am so glad we used Mustapha, because he fully customized our tour to be whatever we wanted to do.  It was the perfect mix of sightseeing and shopping in the souk.  He would not leave us until we felt satisfied we had seen everything we wanted to see (and bought our souvenirs!).  We also felt like with him as our guide, the shopkeepers couldn’t take advantage of us, and that we were given a fair price.

We also felt a more local experience with Mustapha than we could ever feel on our own because of his knowledge of the people, culture, and history of the city.  He is like the mayor of Marrakech, knows everyone, and will be an amazing escort on your journey, no matter what you want to do.  He is also a comedian and had us laughing the entire day.  He really made our trip very special.

We really can’t recommend him enough.  We will certainly be back to visit with Mustapha, our new friend!

22-Sept, 2017: Follow up to my review below… I had an issue with one of the vendors and items they had shipped to me, and Mustapha was able to get me a refund. They did not respond to me, but once I asked him, he was able to handle the situation for me. I am very thankful!


FromPaul Kaplan on 4-Jan, 2017:

Recently my girlfriend and I had two days in Marrakesh (December 2016) with Mustapha and it was a wonderful experience to walk the medina with him and hear his information about the numerous sites and locations. He is a great guide and human being and the man you want when you need human GPS for the Marrakesh medina!
thank you!!!


From Jimmy Kakkanad on 12-Sept, 2016:

If you’re looking for a guide in Marrakech, don’t look any further than Mustapha Chouquir. I’m not exaggerating when I say that he provided the best customer service I have ever seen in any aspect of my life.

First, the tour. We started by going to the Bahia Palace. Mustapha was full of historical facts about the building itself, the people that inhabited it, etc. As we walked around the city, it seemed like he knew everyone and was already with a warm smile. He also took us through the souks, and was extremely helpful in navigating us through the maze of streets and shops. At the end of the day, he even walked us to the restaurant where we had planned to have dinner. He can also customize the tour based on your interests. For example, one member of our group was interested in seeing street art, so he made sure to include some prime examples on our tour.

While the tour was excellent, where Mustapha really shined was in dealing with all the complications that our group encountered. One member of party began having vomiting and diarrhea. While a couple of us stayed with her, Mustapha took two others to a pharmacy where we were able to get some medications. Then he arranged for a cab to take her home, walking with her through the stretch that’s not accessible by car.

Another member of our group had a fish bone stuck in her throat from the day before.  So after dropping off the first sick member, he took us to an urgent care clinic. While we were waiting to be seen by an ENT, Mustapha and the driver waited there for us. After getting that taken care of, we drove back to the medina and continued the tour!

Now, bear in mind that we had originally agreed on a half-day tour (3-4 hours). Between the first part of the tour, our medical side trips, and the completion of the tour, he spent about 9 hours with us that day. After all that he certainly would have been justified in charging us more than the price we had originally settled on. But Mustapha, being the man that he is, actually wanted LESS money.

Again, I have never experienced anything close to the service Mustapha gave us that day. He treated us like we were members of his own family. You should absolutely look him up if you need a guide (or anything at all) in Marrakech.


From Abbey Doolittle on 8-May, 2016:

We hired Mustapha to guide us for 3 days in Marrakech this spring. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the decision. A wonderful city and vacation destination, Marrakech can seem a touch overwhelming without the aid of a capable guide – the mazes of the souks and winding streets throughout the medina could confuse the most seasoned traveler. But more than helping us navigate, Mustapha showed us the heart, the kindness, the beauty of his native city. Born, raised and educated in Marrakech, with a stint at the Sorbonne in Paris, Mustapha knows the ins and outs of the medina without needing to think. He seemlessly interwove cultural, architectural, culinary and shopping into each of our days. He had the perfect instinct for sensing when jet lag was taking a toll, bringing us to a true locals-only coffee shop which we returned to multiple times throughout our visit. He helped us negotiate with various vendors, he recommended the perfect places for lunch each day (ranging from a hole in the wall with delicious chicken tagine to a gorgeous rooftop restaurant overlooking the medina). He is a natural storyteller, incredibly kind, not just to us but other visitors and locals. He showed incredible patience and kindness while we shopped for beautiful rugs, pillows and other home goods. We felt like we were walking through the town with the mayor of Marrakech – everyone seems to know and love Mustapha.

If you’re going to be in Marrakech, whether for a day or a week or a month, make sure you hire Mustapha to guide you. You won’t be disappointed!


From Sven Torringer on 2-September, 2015:

Our tour with Mustapha was great and exactly what we were looking for. Mustapha was an amazing guide and met all of our requests and his delivery was impeccable. He was knowledgeable, adaptive and a very pleasant person – a true gentleman. We had a fantastic day and will definitely recommend him to our friends and family.


From Vanessa on 22-June, 2015:

We were told Mustapha was the best guide in Marrakech, and that statement is accurate. We spent two days with him, and could not have been more pleased. We had the opportunity to visit places most people never see, and speak with the actual artisans themselves. Mustapha knows everyone, and can open many doors to the real Marrakech.

We will definitely use his services again the next time we visit.


From Erin on 27-April, 2015:

Mustapha was the most fabulous guide to Marrakech. He led me and 11 of my friends around for several days to the best shops, restaurants, and sites of the old city as well as to several important locations in the new city. We knew we were taken care of with Mustapha and saw some of the best spots in Marrakech, and we learned a great deal along the way. His anecdotes, insights, jokes, and information were a delight. I would highly recommend Mustapha for the duration of anyone’s visit to Marrakech.


From Irina on 1-April, 2015:

Mustapha is amazing!!! He knows all the secret locations, the history, the best place to procure anything we wanted and has the best collection of jokes to share with us. We were a group of 12 girls and he organized everything for us! We had a blast while always feeling safe. Will definitely be contacting him again next time.

Thanks Mustapha!


From Lauren Godfrey on 31-March, 2015:

Mustapha is such a beautiful and kind hearted person. From the first time I contacted him months before the trip, he was incredibly responsive and warm. I went to Marrakech with a group of 12 women and Mustapha not only kept us completely entertained with some of the most incredible shopping and cultural destinations, but also with his jokes! We told him we wanted to have fun in Marrakech and he never let us down! We spent our final day in Marrakech without Mustapha as he had been booked by another group, but even though he wasn’t with us, he was still looking out for us. He texted to let us know that the time was changing in Marrakech that night, so to be extra aware as to not miss our flights. We would have had no idea if it wasn’t for Mustapha!

Our time in Marrakech was made so much better thanks to you Mustapha. I can’t wait to come back and see you again some day!


From the Gordon family on 20-January, 2015:

He is master of his craft.  Here this man dressed in a manner so different from anyone we know connects with us immediately. He is warm. He has a sense of humor. He understands our culture yet emanates a traditional love and respect for his. He has so much integrity. No one dared bother us in his presence. He doesn’t over stay or over talk at sites – just perfect for our family. We were never bored. We saw so much. We meandered to parts of the Medina where we felt completely at home without another tourist in sight. I loved his passion for workmanship. We saw where and how things were made. The focus was not on shopping – we went to see artisans making their crafts. Rugs, oil, leather, lace, intricate painting and carving, communal bread ovens… He seemed to know everyone. We were allowed to really experience – smell, taste, hear, touch….. He met us for our initial orientation and it lasted half a day. He had all the time in the world for us.


From Gay and David on 13-January, 2015:

We had such a lovely time in Marrakech, it was magical. Thank you so much for showing us around the souks and taking us to the museums etc. We did lots more exploring and hope to come back for longer next time!  I wanted you to know we received the rugs and are very happy with those we chose. Please tell the Palais Saadiens that we are pleased and may buy more one day!


From Felicia on 18-November, 2014:

What can I say? Mustapha is AMAZING! He was so courteous and knowledgeable about Morocco and Marrakech. My friend and I traveled to Morocco last month and were referred to him by our fabulous Riad. When they said he was the best, they weren’t kidding. He lead us through the beautiful and confusing souk, stopped to let us snap pictures of tell us a story of the city’s ancient history. On the final day of the trip, my friend was already headed back to New York, but I stayed on to do further shopping. Mustapha knew I was looking for high-quality, highly unique goods and he did not disappoint. I felt safe, well taken care of and wonderfully guided. He was gracious and absolutely wonderful. I am so proud and humbled to have met him, and I would love to visit Morocco and meet with him again!


From Abraham on 2-November, 2014:

It took forever for Mustapha to get a tourist visa to come visit me.   After several attempts, he was finally granted one and in the fall of 2008, I had the great pleasure of hosting Mustapha in America.  We gave two days of presentations at the small church that I attended.  The presentations were open to the public for anyone interested in traveling to Marrakech.  Once the presentations were over, then Mustapha became the tourist and I took him to many places in Colorado, including the University of Colorado, where he wore his traditional Moroccan djellaba and fez.  We walked around CU and he would tell any student who would listen about travelling to Morocco.  Mustapha should definitely become the official ambassador of tourism for Morocco!  During his visit, I gave him a bible because he has such a warm and open heart to God.  He recently sent me a photo of my inscription.  I greatly look forward to that day when I can once again welcome Mustapha into my home.


From Shirley on 23-October, 2014:

Mustapha is my favorite guide, worldwide!!!  I have had the pleasure of his company multiple times while visiting Marrakech over the years.  My trips are never complete without his knowledge and humor!  He is the most respected man in the souks.  I recommend him to all of my friends, and their experiences are equally perfect!  Thank you Mustapha!


From Cristina on 22-October, 2014:

I first met Mustapha, ten years ago. I had never been to Morocco. It was a total surprise. I never expected anything so fascinating. Without a doubt, meeting Mustapha and being guided by him the whole stay made all the diference. Since then, it’s such a pleasure going back and meeting him everytime. He has become a friend I cherish. Marrakech wouldn’t be the same without him.


From Robert on 21-October, 2014:

Mustapha was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.  He not only helped with navigating the markets but assisted in getting all our purchased shipped back to the states safe and sound.  We’re looking forward to getting back to Marrakech again soon and will definitely utilize his services again!!!


From Noelle on 15-October, 2014:

I can not speak highly enough of Mustapha! I recommend any one traveling to Marrakech take a tour with him. He knows the city inside out and can give you a true look in to this amazing place unlike any other tour guide. He speaks perfect english and is funny as well!


From Rosina & Gina on 14-October, 2014:

Thank you so much for such a wonderful day Mustapha! We had a great time learning about your great city. Here are some of our pictures. You really made out trip special!


From Renata on 15-September, 2014:

Salam dear Mustapha – thank you very much for a wonderful day today – everyone loved your insights, kindness and excellent humour.  It is always such a pleasure discovering Marrakech with you – I couldn’t imagine visiting here without enjoying your company around this beautiful city.

From Taylor Landry on 29-August, 2014:

Mustapha was incredible.  He showed us many of the typical sights that many tourists would want to see and was very knowledgeable about all of them.  More importantly, though, he took us into the souks and other parts of Marrakech that we would have never found.  When we realized we wanted more time with him, he simply said “my time is yours,” and we continued together for the remainder of the day.  I have not even left Morocco yet, and I have already recommended him to a friend who will be here in a few days.  Mustapha is an incredible ambassador for this country, and we would recommend him to anyone.


From Denise on 28-July, 2014:

We met Mustapha via another contact in Marrakesh.
Since we have traveled to Morocco multiple times, Mustapha assisted us with some specific issues, such as: locating a new riad, carpet shopping, and some restaurants. It is obvious that he has amazing contacts in Marrakesh and tremendous knowledge of the city as well as the history.
He is terrific: a great sense of humor, understands protocol of when to appear for help, and can provide information in a way that does not make you feel like you are a silly tourist. He does it all with the ease of a practiced ambassador and skilled guide in one of the craziest and most interesting cities on earth.